Ottumwa to Blakesburg 2017 ride??

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Ottumwa to Blakesburg 2017 ride??

Postby painless » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:06 pm

Fellow Hatzers:

If the stars align and everything works out, I hope to make it to the AAA flying at Blakesburg this year. Unless I'm persuaded otherwise, I'll be flying my 6A into Ottumwa instead of Antique Airfield, as I'm gun-shy landing on grass strips. I hope to arrive Thursday or Friday and bug out Saturday or Sunday.

I plan to camp out at Antque, partly because I want to, partly because I doubt if I can score a motel room this late. Trouble is, again because I'm late to the party, reserving a rental car is probably out of the question.

So I will be needing a way to get from OTM to Antque and back. If anyone is planning to go to BTB and would be commuting I'd sure appreciate being able to hitch a ride. Would be willing to compensate accordingly at the Pilot's Pub, or by whatever means is appropriate.

Jeff Orear
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Re: Ottumwa to Blakesburg 2017 ride??

Postby Paul Uhlig » Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:01 pm

Hi Jeff,

I did the same thing several years ago. There was a shuttle from the Ottumwa airport to Antique Airfield operated by the local taxi service that wasn't very expensive and ran about every half hour. It worked out great for me. I set up my tent in a little grove of trees in the Pietenpol area. It was a good central location. Enjoy!

Paul Uhlig
Paul Uhlig
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