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Old Builder/Old Project

Postby Ray Beeninga » Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:47 pm

Hi Hatz Guys, new member here but old admirer of the Hatz. Name is Ray Beeninga and I just brought the project home to McAlester OK from Wakeman OH. The one that Jeff Shutic had listed on Barnstormers. (Actually made the trip the week after Christmas before the big freeze set in, 2020 miles! Proves homebuilders are a bit nutz.) Jeff said he had to many other projects and was getting too old to finish the Hatz. His age? 60 Mine? 75 So the project may continue to yet another Hatz Nut before completion, time will tell. This CB-1 #362 was stated in 1987 by Anthony Schueller in Southington OH. He did beautiful work. Wings and all control surfaces are complete. Fuselage complete and on the landing gear with tires wheels and brakes. I'd like to tell Mr. Schueller that I have his Hatz and plan to finish it. The last shipment record I have is from 2003 with a Barclay Messerly Rd. Southington OH address. If anyone knows how to contact him please give him my no. 918-916-1865 thanks. One other Question, I have the CB-1 plans and the Classic also. The interplane struts for the CB-1 are not clear as to length while the Classic plans give definite measurements, are the struts the same for both the CB=1 and the Classic?------Glad I found this forum it's a wealth of information and thanks to the guys that know how to keep it running! Ray B
Ray Beeninga
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Re: Old Builder/Old Project

Postby vern » Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:17 pm

Welcome aboard!
Vern Darley
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Re: Old Builder/Old Project

Postby mtaylor » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:24 am

Hi Ray! Sorry to just now seeing your post. Sounds like a lot of work is done on your new project. This is the stage where you get excited because it’s actually looking like an airplane. I don’t recall the dimensions given on the plans for the interplane struts, but I do remember that I cut and welded mine to size based on measurements I took after having the fuselage level and the wings bolted on and rigged at the dehedral I wanted. I used 1” x 2” pine as temporary “N” struts. The rod fork ends on the front and rear struts then gave me the ability to make the final small adjustments at assembly time. The center strut is the one that would be more critical, but not a big deal. Have fun! Hope to meet you at Wausau this July!
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